Connecting private sector knowledge to the Federal Government.

We exist to change the way in which innovative businesses gain a foothold and do business with all areas of the Federal Government.


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The acquisition runway for providing innovative solutions to the Federal Government must be shortened.

Deciphering areas of opportunity with the Federal Government is a daunting and oftentimes years-long ordeal. Navigating the labyrinth of inroads and potential connections is inefficient for most businesses, particularly those on short runways and with limited capital.


We must communicate the true value of these incredible technologies to the whole of government.

In order for the United States to maintain its leadership across every theater – both physical and digital – the path between Federal Government funding to purchasing innovative solutions must be reduced.


We leverage direct government experience across multiple domains.

Our leadership at Quadrant Four has deep experience and far-reaching success engaging with and extending value to innovative and cutting-edge private sector businesses – assisting them with bringing their solutions to the federal space and making a material difference across the whole of government.

  • Expand Visibility Beyond The Siloed Call Lists
  • Educate And Increase Awareness
  • Maximize Utilization And Increase Collaboration Between Private & Public Teams


We know the Federal Government.

Quadrant Four is a full service, business to business consulting firm designed to assist your company in accessing Federal Government business. Our team of experts bring a wealth of capabilities and experience working in and with the Federal Government. We provide clients with the knowledge they need to succeed and grow.



Overcoming complex challenges for the private sector through strategic partnerships.

Quadrant Four collaborates with the Alpine Group to bring invaluable advantages in helping our clients align mission critical priorities with business outcomes. Alpine’s cross-sector collaboration provides a vast breadth of experience, from strategic to tactical, for the private sector.


Our leadership has experience and proven success engaging with innovative private sector businesses and assisting with bringing their solutions to the federal space.

For nearly three decades, our team has delivered incomparable cybersecurity consulting, digital transformation, and risk management within our purpose-driven clients – empowering them to be some of the most impactful entities in the world.


Marc Packler

Founder and Principal


Kenneth Holley

Founder and Principal


Adam Brewer

Founder and Principal


Folden Peterson

Director, Federal Initiatives


Tony Ogden

President, GRC


Col. Marc Packler
Speaking at the Bellville, IL Veterans Day ceremony.

Col. Packler’s enthusiastic leadership has strengthened our cyber defense posture and educated the next generation of cyberspace warriors, all while developing the workforce at Scott Air Force Base through numerous community partnerships. These efforts have had a huge positive impact both on and off the base.

Col. Joseph Meyer
375th Air Mobility Wing and Installation Commander


Learn how to gain a foothold and do business with all areas of the Federal Government.

Cold calls can be frustrating when trying to find the funding you need. You need more than just a rolodex of names and numbers. We have the answers to the questions you need to be asking and know the people you need to be talking to. Let us help you find the federal funding that is right for you.